What Advantages Does Secure Internet-Hosted Desktop Services Offer Your Small Business?

Posted on: 28 April 2021

It is becoming increasingly clear that remote working is a viable working model for small businesses, individuals, and big corporations. It offers several advantages in costs, flexibility, and data security. An internet-hosted desktop is a virtual desktop where apps are on a remote server instead of the local computer. A secure hosted internet desktop offers several advantages to a small business.

Reduced Operational Expenses

A hosted desktop eliminates the need for buying and installing software for each computer. It shifts from the old way of buying a software license for each computer. The provider handles installation, updates, and software improvement.

The biggest savings are in reduced hardware expenses. Secure internet-hosted desktop solutions eliminate frequent hardware updates. Your apps run on a remote server, and you only need to access the internet and the interface to work. Even an old computer can run powerful apps.

Removing your apps from local hardware enables your employees to use various devices in a bring-your-own-device model. You avoid buying hardware and allow employees to use devices they are familiar with, regardless of the operating systems.

More Flexibility for Remote Working

Remote working is an increasingly preferable model for small businesses because of advantages in human resources cost and access. Short-term contracting for specialized tasks enables accessing highly skilled talents for tasks such as computer programming.

Secure internet-hosted desktop services enable more flexibility in remote working. Your contractors need nothing more than access credentials. You can hire contractors from across the world for cost advantages. You have the double advantages of cost-effectiveness and better skills access.

Higher Data Security

IT tasks are problematic for small business owners. Data security is a big challenge because the ordinary business owner is out of depth handling tasks like firewall configurations. The conventional desktop setup is prone to vulnerabilities that hackers exploit.

Secure internet-hosted desktop solutions offer better higher data security. You don't have to worry about security configurations and other data security concerns. Everything is hosted on the server, including apps and the data they handle. There is nothing on your local computer, hard disks, and internal server. The hosted desktop provider handles all data security concerns, which they have the expertise to do at a high level.

Would you like to see better productivity and cost efficiency in your small business? Talk to a secure internet-hosted desktop provider for tools and solutions that optimize your business performance.