What Is Managed IT, And How Can It Help You?

Posted on: 10 May 2019

Running a modern business, even a very small one, often means dealing with a wide range of technologies. Many companies simply aren't big enough to have their own IT departments, and that's where a managed IT services provider may come into the picture. The goal is to maintain the computing capabilities of a much larger enterprise without having to lay out the money needed for an IT staff. Your business can benefit from managed IT help in these four ways.

Providing Software

Installing and maintaining all the software your company requires is a demanding task. With the help of a third-party IT services provider, you can lean on them for advice and assistance. Every piece of software you and your employees require sits inside the managed architecture.

One big bonus that comes with this approach is that patches and updates are handled by the IT staff of the managing firm. Instead of having to pay for a new license to acquire a copy of the freshest and coolest version of the software you're running, it will simply be updated without you paying any additional fees.

Customer and Technical Support

A good managed IT services provider will have staff members available at all times to supply answers when you have questions. If a system is acting buggy or flat-out fails, they can be quickly contacted for support. Likewise, folks with questions about how to use systems can reach out for help. Many companies also supply online knowledge bases that allow users to quickly track down the answers to their questions.


Even the biggest companies on earth have trouble keeping tabs on all the emerging security threats in computing. With the help of a third-party vendor, though, you can relax knowing that your systems will be monitored 24/7. This is as opposed to working in an unmanaged environment where you may be blissfully unaware of intrusions for months or even years.

Training and Advice

Making a decision about what kind of software and hardware to run may leave you feeling overwhelmed by techno-babble. With the support of a third-party IT team, you can get the advice you need to navigate complex technical decisions.

Similarly, training modules are available to ensure that all users will be up to speed. If there are questions about how to use the system, there will be someone from the managed side available to guide you through the process.