Get Reliable Internet On Every Device By Following A Few Steps

Posted on: 12 September 2018

When your household likes to browse the Internet, stream movies, play games, and keep up with family and friends on social media, having an unreliable Internet connection can get in the way. If you have Internet problems in your house, you should consider looking for a solution.

Picking a new service plan is an excellent idea when you have a lot of devices connected to the Internet along with minimal download speeds. Going from 15 Mbps to 50 Mbps or higher will have a huge impact on your family's ability to enjoy the Internet without maxing the bandwidth. But you should also know what else you can do to make sure your Internet is reliable at home.


One of the things that you may want to change about your Internet setup is the router. An old router with small antennas may not be able to provide a reliable connection to everywhere in the house. Also, if you are upgrading to a plan with an incredible download speed, you may need to upgrade the router just so that you can deliver the maximum speeds to all your devices.

A router with powerful antennas will help the connection spread throughout your house. But you may want to move the router closer to the center of the house.

Wi-Fi Extender

After upgrading the router and moving its location, you may notice that the connection is stable inside the house. If you are finding that certain rooms or even the backyard has an unreliable connection, you should not hesitate to invest in a Wi-Fi extender to fix this problem.

The extender will act as a secondary router that takes your existing Internet connection and provides a strong and reliable signal to the surrounding area. Putting an extender between the router and the problematic area will increase the connection's strength and reliability.

Network Adapter

If you have desktop computers in your house that are experiencing connectivity issues, you should consider buying new network adapters that are better at connecting to the Internet. Just like how a router with powerful antennas gives a strong Internet connection, setting up a desktop computer with a USB network adapter that has a great antenna will lead to better reliability.

By considering these options for improving the Internet in your home along with getting a better Internet plan, you should be able to get a steady Internet connection for the entire household.