4 Ways To Add High Tech Devices To Any Mining Operation

Posted on: 28 July 2015

Whether you are managing an open-pit or underground mine, finding the right tools can be difficult. Modern technologies can be a great way to improve operations and lower costs. Technology can also help to improve safety in mines and prevent incidents. Here are some ways that high tech can be applied to mine management operations:

1. Modern Communications For Mine Operations

One of the challenging problems that have to be solved in mines is communication. Modern cellular technology and radio communications can be adapted to allow workers to communicate through different obstacles found in a mining environment. The communications systems can have repeaters that are installed in a mine to allow for radio and mobile communications where these technologies would not normally be possible. This technology can also be used for improvements in automation and navigation in a mine.

2. Systems Controls With Rugged Designs For Mining Conditions

Controls for mining equipment also have to be built to withstand harsh equipment. These controls can feature digital monitors sealed in rugged frames to protect them from dust and contaminants. The rugged monitors can be designed with features specific to the needs of mining operations and equipment. The rugged monitors have many applications, such as the use on equipment or for controls on ventilation systems.

3. Corrosive Resistant Electrical Systems For Harsh Environments

In many mining operations, corrosive environments can take their toll on equipment. This is why corrosion-resistant materials are needed for things like electrical motors. Other electrical equipment can also be protected with rugged casings to help keep sensitive technology protected from harsh mining conditions. Communication devices can also have corrosive-resistant casing to help protect them from harsh conditions in the rugged mining environment.

4. Mapping And Navigation Systems For Mine Environments

Modern mine operations can have miles of underground tunnels or open pits. Mapping and navigation is an important part of managing a mine. Modern navigation systems that use technology like GPS can be used to improve mining operations. These technologies can also be used for guided systems to help automate mining equipment. Navigation technology can be used in underground and open pit mining operations to help improve the output of mining operations.

These are some ways that modern technology can be applied to mine operations. If you need the right technology for managing a mine, contact a vendor to get sealed displays and systems for your mine equipment.