The Importance Of Video Card Budget Selection

Posted on: 9 April 2015

The world of computing has enabled millions of people the opportunity to be productive and have fun with their laptops. Beyond the basic games that can be played in an Internet browser, there are a lot of fast paced, complex, high-graphics games that require specific equipment to run properly. To understand the components needed for gaming is to understand computer building itself, and with a few tips for building a gaming rig, you can design a system that fits your needs and budget.

Understanding The Importance Of Video Cards

For modern laptop games, there's a lot of complex graphics and graphics-related actions that take a lot out of the laptop's resources.

Beautiful graphics are just one part of the equation. Many games strive to be realistic, which means that many actions and reactions expected in the real world must be calculated and designed in-game. If you throw a ball in the game, it doesn't just bounce straight back to you or at a basic angle as in older games. Everything from the spin of the ball to cracks in the wall determine where the ball will go.

Your laptop's processor can't do all of that on its own. The laptop's normal operating environment--the operating system--already takes so much out of the processor. There are also specific instructions for video processing to calculate physics that a standard processor doesn't have.

video card steps in as a second laptop on a board, essentially. Video cards have their own processor, memory and cooling system to perform all of the heavy lifting when it comes to playing games or watching videos.

Most Games Are Designed For Set Budgets

As laptops and laptop parts became more affordable, a culture of excess began to creep into the laptop world. Sure, getting the newest video card with the highest price tag is great, but the computer building culture may put more respect in something that actually works for less.

Laptop software companies want to take advantage of the awesome features possible with new hardware, but they also have to sell to a wide range of customers. Most games have a setting configuration to reduce the game quality, with the maximum quality within reach of video cards and other parts released within the same year.

You don't need to put all of your funds into getting the top tier if even the medium tier is more than good enough for maximum settings. That top tier card will most likely be replicated a few months later by other brands with the same power and changes to fix the new generation's prototype mistakes.

Saving money on the video card also allows you to spend money on other components to maintain balance. A faster processor is helpful for things other than games, and if you'd like to do something else while waiting in online games or research things in single player games, the faster processor can make switching a lot more smooth.

Memory is usually the most affordable of the main laptop components. You can add more of that to be prepared for later generations of computing. If you need help, a laptop repair professional should be able to guide you through the process or perform repairs for mistakes as necessary.