Rent A Computer When You Don't Have Cash Or Credit

Posted on: 2 March 2015

If you need a computer for school or work but you don't have the cash or a credit card to go out and buy one, renting a computer is a great alternative option. You can rent a computer and get what you need accomplished, while making a small monthly payment.

There are many computer rental places to pick from, so there are a few things you want to consider before you sign a contract. You need to know the details of the lease, before you walk out of the facility with the computer.

What is the Exact Cost?

There may be an advertisement with one price, but when you get your first bill, it's far more. The model of computer you pick, the length of your rental agreement, and the amount of insurance if applicable could alter your monthly payment. Make sure that you know exactly what you have to pay, and what you would have to pay if you wanted to get out of the contract. Also inquire about late fees.

Is Insurance Available?

You don't want to have to pay to replace the computer if something happens to it and it's your fault, even if it's stolen or an accident. Ask if you can add insurance to the computer, or if they require it. You also want to ask about what happens if there is an electrical or mechanical malfunction that isn't your fault. You want to know if they send it out to get fixed, or if you get a new computer.

Can You Buy it After the Rental Period?

Ask the rental company if they would be willing to sell the computer to you after the rental agreement is over for a lower amount, since it's used, or if you can apply some of your payment amounts towards purchasing it. This is a great way to get the computer that you need, without having to put a lot of money out up front.

If you need to have a desktop or laptop computer and you know you can't afford one, and you don't want to rack up debt, find a leasing company and get what you need. If you are considering purchasing the computer after the rental period is over, make sure you pick out exactly what you want. Renting is a great way for you to work towards purchasing the item, and to build your credit. For more information, contact National Computer Rentals or a similar company.